BenCab Museum: Abby Jocson bag, and a vintage belt

The BenCab Museum near Baguio City was so much fun. Aside from the vast collection of Ben, our guide Ryan gave us a unique experience through the museum. He himself is very artistic, taking our smart phones and incorporate the art into our photos.




My photos are taken in the erotica section, where there are interesting works of art on the…well art of sex. It’s a very popular feature in this museum.


Obsessed with mermaids, finding this bag was a dream. Abby Jocson has numerous quirky designs from pineapples to hearts. My belt is from Pattye’s Closet, a vintage boutique in Glendale.  It was a score (at just $10). The swallows are classic. Something from Sailor Jerry, or any flash tattoo design.







Taken at the BenCab Museum,Benguet

The San Francisco Adventure


I took a solo trip up to San Francisco to be with one of my best friends Adam for a few days. As someone who is originally from Los Angeles, SF can be very different in small ways. The weather is cooler, people can be somewhat friendlier and the surroundings of the city are very laid-back. And with happy hour starting at 2pm with $4 beers on tap there is nothing to complain about.

After a commute on the Bart into the city, Adam and I took that San Francisco happy hour to our advantage. A small pizza shop right in the heart of San Francisco (where possibly Frank Sinatra left his) we chugged on a pint of Guiness and IPA. Surrounded by the modern art deco buildings it made a perfect lunch.







We decided to walk throughout the day. All the way to Fisherman’s Warf. That’s about 6 miles across town, but it makes for a great adventure. Leading us into book shops, vintage stores, and giving us the opportunity to take in some of the street art. Walking is always the best way to go through any city.






I scored two book club editions of Fiztgerald novels, The Great Gatsby and Tender s the Night, for just $15. As we made our way through the chilly streets towards Fisherman’s Warf we stopped along a few more bars until our destination.


Finaly, upon our arrival I enjoyed a mandatory meal of clam chowder with the view of Alcatraz. Perfect way to end a long walk. A very long walk. The fog crept its way towards the city and the gloomy skies couldn’t be anymore eerie. I loved it. And I am so glad with my outfit choice! Layers upon layers. It’s strange to be so dressed up in California, but with San Francisco you can bring out the trench coat even in Spring.





We took the famous cable cars heading back up, and by night fall the fog brought in the mist. It was such a good day. Thank you Adam for bringing me around, and I definietly miss you.


(OH, and we took a road trip back down to LA!)




Goodnight Scherisse ❤ One of the best trips so far!!!

Surviving the Long-Haul Flight: Manila to Los Angeles and All the Way Around


Travelling is fun. Travelling is hell. At least getting there is. Early check-in, airport security, waiting, waiting and waiting. Arriving to the destination can be gruesome if you don’t have the pleasure of sitting in a seat with 15 feet of leg room, bottle service of champagne and goosefeathered pillows.

Here are my essentials on suriving sitting in a steel bird soaring across the Pacific Ocean for 14 hours.



Not the most stylish, but definietly the most comfortable. Leggings, an oversized shirt, a light layer (mines a knit) and easy slip-off flats which are important when going through airport security. No accessories please. Just a hat to hide the terrible airplane hair upon landing.

Carry On Light


Please do yourself a favor and buy a neck pillow and invest in a good eyemask. These two things let me sleep a good 8 hours on a pressurized cabin. This eyemask is from Beauty Bar and helps with your R.E.M. cycle. I love it so much! It just blocks out all the light and the soft foam matrial gives me the comfort of sleep. I keep my small essentials in a pounch rather than keeping my entire purse with me under the seat. This leaves me extra leg room!

What’s In the Pouch?


The items that are in easy reach are my pillbox, Advil, lip balm, a toothbrush, nasal spray, facial wash and deodorant. Everything to keep me nausua-free, moisturized, fresh and clean! I also bring a few basic makeup products such as an eyebrow pencil, lipstick and mascara, along with a good good facial moisturizure. It’s so important to keep skin hydrated on the plane. I also drink lots and lots of water.



I love reading. But, reading on a plane can be difficult with the turbulance, bright lights and cramped space, it’s not neccessarily a “curl up and read cozy” opportunity. Bringing along reading material is imortant, but I like to choose a book that is light and easy to read. Sure, you can go through the Game of Thrones series or a Jane Austen novel, but for me I try to steer from neccessary literary comprehension notes and small fonted books to avoid motion sickness and tired eyes.

Even though flying can be uncomfortable and leave your restless, I always look forward to the destination and daydream of the adventures to come. Happy flying!


Sorry For The Delay

Some of you may know I’m on a one month vacation to my hometown of Los Angeles, along with a quick trip to San Francisco and Las Vegas. So, posts will be delayed but don’t worry many goodies are in store from my travels, new buys and all types of crazy stories. 


The PinUp Girl Manila 

La La Land: Eggslut and Santa Monica

I AM BACK IN LOS ANGELES! It’s so surrel to be back after so many years. After a fairly easy 14 hour flight, a mandatory meal at In-n-Out, I was whisked away with my friend to Sunset Blvd for a drink at Akbar.The next morning we headed over to the Eggslut located at the Grand Central Market in Downtown. The place to be for the food fanatics looking for all the creative twists on juices, Thai food and even the simple bagel.




I ordered their specialty “Slut” which was a coddled egg on top of a smooth potato purée, poached in a glass jar and served with a demi baguette.



Seriously, spectacular. While my friend got their amazing Gaucho. Described as seared wagyu tri-tip steak, chimichurri, red onions and seasoned arugula topped with an over medium egg, in a warm brioche bun.




After a quick walk around the block to burn off some of the calories we consumed. We decided to head over to Santa Monica for some good old California sun. Exploring through the pier and getting the natural exfoliantes of the warm sand, it was a pretty good day.







A Southern Valentines


Diego and I decided to go towards the south this Valentines. We figured since everyone would be in the city to celebrate, we opted for a more relaxed way to celebrate. We drove through the serene Laguna (deeper Laguna, since yes I am from Laguna.) Driving through Los Banos, Pila and arriving to our destination Liliw and Diego’s province of Victoria.

Once we arrived at Liliw we visited St. John Baptist church and took around the beautiful preserved architecture. Made out of bricks the church had a special peaceful aura. A perfect way to spend with someone special. Afterwards, we took a stroll the small community. Liliw is known for many bargain shoe stores, and of course I had to buy myself a pair…or two. The locals are absolutley friendly. Just by asking directions, or buying pasalubong they were keen on having a conversation. We had lunch at the known resturaunt Arabela’s. It’s such a cute place to eat, literally. The cieling is no more than 5’11. So if you’re every going to eat here be entertained. The food was deliscious, and because of the close space it gave a very cozy vibe.

Afterwards, we headed to Victoria to visit Diego’s grandmama. Her house is full of luscious greenery, and some of her orchids that she tends to. We had a little snack and talk and headed home.

I had a wonderful Valentine’s day with Diego and I hope everyone had a great one as well!


















Happy Valentine’s Day!