Marilyn Inspired! 


Inspirations: Iconic Fashion Designer Edith Head

Who and why is she so important in the world of design?  Click to read more!




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Rear Window

All About Eve

Roman Holiday

Inspiration: Priscilla Presley


Lady Presley as I know her. She is the wife of the late great King Elvis Presley. I won’t go into any details on how, when, where and every detail of her life . (You can watch her very very interesting history with Elvis and her special life here.) I just want to focus on her unique beauty and style. With all the research I’ve done about her, Elvis had a HUGE say in her fashion. I like to think of it as him helping her grow into the fashionable Priscilla she is today.


Priscilla before Elvis’ fashionable guidance

Lana del Rey is the biggest modern day Priscilla (FASHION WISE!) From her hair, makeup, the lips and that lifted nose. Even some of Priscilla’s photos have been imitated by Lana.


I love her baby doll face. Now, she isn’t necessarily ‘pin-up’ fashion so to speak. But, what I love about her style is it was the definition of the early 1960s and 70’s. Her make-up is my ultimate inspiration, and today I try to do her lethal cut-crease and winged eyeliner.  All rock n’ roll and glamour. Here are some of my favorite Priscilla looks and see how her style transforms :


Fresh into Elvis’ life


The wedding dress she wore twice. Once for their ceremony in Vegas, and another back in Graceland.


Honeymoon Send-off. This is my ultimate favorite look. Elvis is a good accessory too.


Hawaii times–Lots of floral prints and head pieces.


To look this good just four days after giving birth–Priscilla Presley everyone.


Transitioning into the 70’s




Priscilla still on point at age 70.


What is your favorite Priscilla look?

xx Kelsey

Loving Marilyn Monroe: Visit at Westwood Memorial Park


I can say  that I have finally gone to visit Marilyn. I’ve been a huge fan of her’s since I was probably about 7. Living in Los Angeles for 16 years I have neglected ever visitng her resting place, and now that I came back for a visit I finally took the opportunity to see her.


Westwood Memorial is a small place surrounded by coorperate buildings. A small place where you can see the past meets the future. We even got a little lost trying to find Westwood Memorial, but when we did it was the most peaceful, serene area of LA I have been to. Marilyn is surrounded by many of Hollywood’s greatest such as her friends Dean Martin, writer Billy Wyilder (The 7 Year Itch and Some Like It Hot), her co-star Jack Lemmon (Some Like It Hot), Peggy Lee and Natalie Wood amongst others.


11650916_10152845436622587_1528420374_n 11651350_10152845436607587_305109689_n 11666962_10152845436597587_1366556095_n

Her headstone is simple, baring just her name and the short 36 years of her life. The stones have changed color from the millions of visitors from the past years of leaving a trademark kiss.


I got to even meet Rachel Bailit, an actress who was filming for her channel “Diary of an Actress”. An amazing place to meet new people!


It was surreal to be there and I am so happy I took the chance to visit.






Inspiration: Amy Winehouse


I remember the first time I saw Amy Winehouse. It was her performance on the Jay Leno show back in 2006. She immediately caught my eye with her unique jazzy voice, beehive hair so high it could touch heaven, and her style. Her style is what modern day pinups can relate to. Amy’s style is a mixture of pinup and rock and roll. The term here is rockabilly. Some of you may have noticed I have written posts that include this term. And Amy is a great definition.


Her signature winged eyeliner and red lip screams for pinup. But, with her choice of prints like plaid, cheetah, and her  preference for waist hugging wiggle dresses bring in that rockabilly style. Amy has a favourite accessory, and that is the waist belt. This accessory is so great because on any dress she just adds it on and it immediately becomes pinup.
Amy+Winehouse+Tops+Button+Down+Shirt+CoFE03xokdMl-horzShe was a modern day pinup all the way down to her tattoos. Amy is known for having several tattoos, including the infamous Blake tattoo. The designs of hers are traditional old school sailor tattoos which are preferred by the rockabilly style.


Hair accessories suh as flowers and bandanas; leather jackets and cheetah prints. Rockabilly maddness.

images (1)

Amy brought back the pinup style and jaz to the mainstream crowd. She was the complete package and I miss her so.

Who are your inspirations?