Green Hair Don’t Care+ Old Skools

Kicking it with some green hair for now. And some casual vibes! 



Personal Book Collection: Live It Again 1946



I do my best in learning about vintage fashion and lifestyle, and that is extensive research. I have dozens of books about history and this one in particular just happens to be a lucky find at a used book store. It gives vivid illustrations, descriptions and facts about the life in 1946. Below, I share with you some of my favorite pages and hopefully you an pick up a few new facts about life in 1946. 



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Everyday Life: 

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Pop Culture: 

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Life after the war and other lost arts: 

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I’m planning to complete the “Live It Again” series. You can too by clicking here.



1920s Inspired Turban and Velvet 

Tried something different over the weekend. Combined some styles from the 1920s after finding some pieces at, yes, Forever 21! I found this wonderful cover featuring a flower velvet print and of course fringe!

Scored some Art Deco shades as well, and an easy turban style headband. My favorite part is that all of these pieces were easy to find.