Essentials: Hair Accessories-Flowers and Bows


I’m not one for accessories. I rarely ever wear jewlery or dazzle up my outfits. But my favorite pinup accessory are hair flowers and bows! Maintaining a vintage hairstyle can be difficult, time consuming, and tedious. On the days where I really don’t feel like working on my hair, a good curl/brush out with an added bow or flower immediatley makes a great pinup hairstyle.



Flowers are so classy. I love them put near the ear, but you can also add them to a pony tail. I tend to choose neutral colors for my flowers so that it makes it easier to match with my outfits. But there are so many varieties out there for your choosing; different materials, colors and flower types.



Bows are great too! Some of you may be thinking that bows can be….adolescent. Too cute maybe? Well if you choose right, it can be a great accessory. I wear them just like a flower, on the side of my ear. But you can also wear them above a pony tail for that 1950s prep look. My assortment of bows are primary colors giving off a bit of a cheerleader-varsity vibe.

Hair accessories have been favored by classic pinups, and modern ones too.

Classic pinups such as Bettie Page, to modern pinups like Bernie Dexter.
Classic pinups such as Bettie Page, to modern pinups like Bernie Dexter.
Please excuse the quality of the photos, these were taken from my Instagram account.

I find hair accessories everywhere! Always keep an eye out over at any accessories section of your favorite store. I usually find great pieces at Forever 21, SM Department Store, and even the children’s section like Zara.

Hair accessories are definite pinup essential! Get out there and experiment with different styles, colors and type!

Essentials: The Black Pencil Skirt


I love the black pencil skirt! It’s one of the essentials that is so versatile. There are so many combinations with tops, shoes and accessories! The key to the pencil skirt is to find the perfect fit. Find one that is snug to the hips to show those curves, high enough at the waist to enhance the waist line, and the material should be comfortable. Cotton is my favorite, however there is polyester and pleather. Which personally I am not a fan of. It’s hard to sit with and the movement is odd for me. If you can’t find one that perfectly fits you off-the-rack, you can always get it altered.

I put some options you can pick to add with the essential. Peplum tops will really show that waist, and hides the hips. It balances out with the pencil skirt creating a slimming figure. Off the shoulder tops will give the perfect vixen look. Pair with some black Mary Jane pumps and you’re a rockabilly bombshell in no time.

Many of you might look at a black pencil skirt and think it’s only for formal occasions or the office. However, it can be just as casual as you want it to be. Adding a graphic top (tucked into the skirt) and a pair of cute sneakers will make you look like a casual modern-day pinup.

And as always, don’t forget the accessories. Add maybe a hair flower with your favorite curls or updo. Maybe a pair of cat eye shades for both casual and formal looks. Don’t forget that red lip and cat eye liner!

The black pencil skirt is a wardrobe essential. So get you butt out there and snuggle into one!

Essentials: The Red Lipstick

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The 1950’s was all about glamour. After World War 2, it was important for ladies to look their best because of the the men returning home from the war. (Less men= more competition for marriage) Women wanted to always look their best, therefore their makeup was simple, yet eye-catching . You’ll see that during the 1950’s women’s make-up was subtle with pops of excitment. For example a simple eye, but red lip;or a heavy brow with a bare eye. Hair and makeup were priorities to women making the powder room a sanctuary.


The red lip is important to get that pin-up look. It is and forever shall be a classic. With choosing the right shade, a red lip is perfect for day-time activites, or splendid nights out. The way of picking the right shade is by looking at your hair color and skin tone. For lighter hair and pinkish skin, also known as warm toned (blondes and a rosy complexion; you can check by looking at your vein color. If your color is purple you have a pinkish tone) Opt for peachy, orange toned reds. For the brunettes and yellow-toned girls, also known as cool toned (veins will be colored blueish-green) opt for dark reds, or “blue tones”. These shades according to your color will bring out and highliht your best attributes from your skin to your eye color.

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Photo Credit:

A red lip is my absolute favorite thing to get the pin-up look. It’s my go-to essential when I’m lazy and in a hurry. With just a red lip alone and a few plumps with a good lip liner I am good to go! Great brands from that era were Revlon and Max Factor. Until now, I feel Revlon produces one of the best shades of red matte or gloss at an affordable price. Here are some of my favorite red lipsticks that are essential for any pin-up:


1. NYX Matte Creame Gloss in Monte Carlo (Php 325) This is my daily color. I love how it is applied like a lipgloss making it easy in application and for perfectionist, like myself, great for getting into the corners of the mouth and creating the perfect plump to the lips. The matte finish is amazing and absolutely long lasting. And what more the price is extremely affordable!

2. Rimmel Kate Moss Collection in shade 01 (Php 375) This color is more on a bright red. The texture of this lipstick is creamy and moisturizing! When I apply it, it  takes only two swipes! Kate Moss also has various colors to her collection including nudes and pinks, but out of all of them the reds are my favorites. This is worth buying if you’re still new to wearing red lipsticks. The shade is great with any skintone and is easy for application; making sure you won’t over-apply.

3. NYX Matte Creame Gloss in Translyvannia (Php 325) Okay, so this isn’t exactly a red, but it is so good that I must share it with you. I wear this usually for a modern pin-up look. It is a matte formula with a rich plum-tone. This shade has been very popular since 2013 bringing a bit of goth back into fashion. I love it just as I love Monte Carlo for its great application and matte finish. I love this color for nights-out! It’s sexy and classy all at the same time. Make sure to balance it out by not using dark colors on your eyes (such as a smokey eye or heavy black liner). You want to keep it balanced to give you that glamorous look.

4. Revlon Classics in Super Lustrous (Php 510) Now this is the ultimate classic! Like I said before, Revlon was one of the top choices in cosmetics during the 1950’s. Revlon came out with the original packaging back in 2012 for a limited time. Sadly I wasn’t able to get my hands on them. However, even in their modern day packaging, the formula has never changed. Much like the Rimmel Kate Moss Collection, this shade is perfect for any skin tone. A creamy texture and easy application, begginers can experiment with this shade before taking the next step to darker or lighter colors. I highly recommend every girl to have this color in her make-up essentials!

5. Revlon Matte Collection in Wine Not (Php 355) You’re probably thinking why I have so many matted suggestions in this post. The reason why I love matte so much is because of its long-lasting finish, but also a bit of a modern-day look. I let the shade speak classic, but the texture speak modern. This color by Revlon is described to be an inbetween of a classic red, and a deep dark plum. (Much like NYX’s Translyvannia) I use this mostly for evenings. This color is perfect for cool tone girls, or generally girls looking for a sexy subtle look.

Get out there and buy that red lipstick. It’s a beauty-must for achieving the perfect vintage look! You can find any of these brands at PCX, SM Department Stores, or Watson’s.