Essentials: The Black Pencil Skirt


I love the black pencil skirt! It’s one of the essentials that is so versatile. There are so many combinations with tops, shoes and accessories! The key to the pencil skirt is to find the perfect fit. Find one that is snug to the hips to show those curves, high enough at the waist to enhance the waist line, and the material should be comfortable. Cotton is my favorite, however there is polyester and pleather. Which personally I am not a fan of. It’s hard to sit with and the movement is odd for me. If you can’t find one that perfectly fits you off-the-rack, you can always get it altered.

I put some options you can pick to add with the essential. Peplum tops will really show that waist, and hides the hips. It balances out with the pencil skirt creating a slimming figure. Off the shoulder tops will give the perfect vixen look. Pair with some black Mary Jane pumps and you’re a rockabilly bombshell in no time.

Many of you might look at a black pencil skirt and think it’s only for formal occasions or the office. However, it can be just as casual as you want it to be. Adding a graphic top (tucked into the skirt) and a pair of cute sneakers will make you look like a casual modern-day pinup.

And as always, don’t forget the accessories. Add maybe a hair flower with your favorite curls or updo. Maybe a pair of cat eye shades for both casual and formal looks. Don’t forget that red lip and cat eye liner!

The black pencil skirt is a wardrobe essential. So get you butt out there and snuggle into one!