The Pin-Up Girl Manila Project: Emily from Indonesia


My first pin-up of my project. I introduce to you Emily!

I met 26 year old Emily through Instagram about a year ago. She hails from Indonesia and is a certified makeup artist. Oh, and she happens to be a badass MMA fighter too. I can describe her beauty as pinup with a dark twist. With her dark hair, eclectic tattoos and off beat posing, she is a true definition of the alternative pinup model. I asked Emily a few questions on her inspirations, struggles and her tips on being pinup

First off, where has your love for the vintage/pin-up fashion come from?

It all started from the first time I watch the movie called Pin Up Girl with Betty Grable. For the first time, I loved to dress in this vintage classic style. But as  time went on, my style evolved into my own signature pinup look.

How long have you been involved in the pin-up community?

 I’ve known of the pin up culture since 2007, but decided to become a daily pin-up girl  since around 2008-2009. By January 2015 I found my own style which is the alternative dark pinup look.

Has becoming a pin-up changed you in any ways?

Absolutely! I’ve learned how to appreciate myself a lot more, and find who I really am. However, being a pinup girl in this whole new modern world is such a huge challenge. I find people look at me in very distracting ways, talk bad about my style. But I’ve learned to be proud to be different, and take all the stare with pride because at least I know I am being myself.


Who are your inspirations? 

My biggest inspirations are Bettie Page, Amber Rose, and Ms. Tess Munster.

By being a pin-up , do you see yourself influencing other women and girls?

 Sometimes. Not with the way I dress and my passion in pinup culture, but my confidence. We should always be our kind of beautiful.

What are your favorite pieces to wear that make you feel confident and sexy? 

 I’m proud of my body, and love accentuating my curves and my figure. I love wearing wiggle dresses, skinny jeans and maybe pair it with a crop top. 


What is your routine for staying fit?

 I do squats, sit ups, jogging and some weight lifting every day. I also do boxing and MMA training 4 times a week also swimming every Saturday. 

Being a pin-up girl in the modern day can be difficult, have you ever experienced backlash or negativity from your community?

Of Course.  I’m  tattooed and decided to go bald  just last week. I get a lot of negativity behind my back, but rise up to the seeing myself as a unique human being, I ignore the negativity and continue to believe in myself. I hold my chin up and be proud. I know that there are those people who are just trying to pull me down and I will prove to them that I’m being real, respect my mind and I love myself for who I am. 

I want everyone to know that you should try to find your true self. Try to combine the classic pinup style to the style that perfectly suits you. Also to not  be scared to be different because being different is actually beautiful. Be as unique as possible because that is the most valuable thing in life.


Strong words from a strong woman. Thanks Emily for being part of this project. Your words and confidence will be inspiring  so many others out there! I hope all of you follow this pin-up on Instagram and take it from her– you can be anyone you want to be.


Surviving the Long-Haul Flight: Manila to Los Angeles and All the Way Around


Travelling is fun. Travelling is hell. At least getting there is. Early check-in, airport security, waiting, waiting and waiting. Arriving to the destination can be gruesome if you don’t have the pleasure of sitting in a seat with 15 feet of leg room, bottle service of champagne and goosefeathered pillows.

Here are my essentials on suriving sitting in a steel bird soaring across the Pacific Ocean for 14 hours.



Not the most stylish, but definietly the most comfortable. Leggings, an oversized shirt, a light layer (mines a knit) and easy slip-off flats which are important when going through airport security. No accessories please. Just a hat to hide the terrible airplane hair upon landing.

Carry On Light


Please do yourself a favor and buy a neck pillow and invest in a good eyemask. These two things let me sleep a good 8 hours on a pressurized cabin. This eyemask is from Beauty Bar and helps with your R.E.M. cycle. I love it so much! It just blocks out all the light and the soft foam matrial gives me the comfort of sleep. I keep my small essentials in a pounch rather than keeping my entire purse with me under the seat. This leaves me extra leg room!

What’s In the Pouch?


The items that are in easy reach are my pillbox, Advil, lip balm, a toothbrush, nasal spray, facial wash and deodorant. Everything to keep me nausua-free, moisturized, fresh and clean! I also bring a few basic makeup products such as an eyebrow pencil, lipstick and mascara, along with a good good facial moisturizure. It’s so important to keep skin hydrated on the plane. I also drink lots and lots of water.



I love reading. But, reading on a plane can be difficult with the turbulance, bright lights and cramped space, it’s not neccessarily a “curl up and read cozy” opportunity. Bringing along reading material is imortant, but I like to choose a book that is light and easy to read. Sure, you can go through the Game of Thrones series or a Jane Austen novel, but for me I try to steer from neccessary literary comprehension notes and small fonted books to avoid motion sickness and tired eyes.

Even though flying can be uncomfortable and leave your restless, I always look forward to the destination and daydream of the adventures to come. Happy flying!


Essentials: Hair Accessories-Flowers and Bows


I’m not one for accessories. I rarely ever wear jewlery or dazzle up my outfits. But my favorite pinup accessory are hair flowers and bows! Maintaining a vintage hairstyle can be difficult, time consuming, and tedious. On the days where I really don’t feel like working on my hair, a good curl/brush out with an added bow or flower immediatley makes a great pinup hairstyle.



Flowers are so classy. I love them put near the ear, but you can also add them to a pony tail. I tend to choose neutral colors for my flowers so that it makes it easier to match with my outfits. But there are so many varieties out there for your choosing; different materials, colors and flower types.



Bows are great too! Some of you may be thinking that bows can be….adolescent. Too cute maybe? Well if you choose right, it can be a great accessory. I wear them just like a flower, on the side of my ear. But you can also wear them above a pony tail for that 1950s prep look. My assortment of bows are primary colors giving off a bit of a cheerleader-varsity vibe.

Hair accessories have been favored by classic pinups, and modern ones too.

Classic pinups such as Bettie Page, to modern pinups like Bernie Dexter.
Classic pinups such as Bettie Page, to modern pinups like Bernie Dexter.
Please excuse the quality of the photos, these were taken from my Instagram account.

I find hair accessories everywhere! Always keep an eye out over at any accessories section of your favorite store. I usually find great pieces at Forever 21, SM Department Store, and even the children’s section like Zara.

Hair accessories are definite pinup essential! Get out there and experiment with different styles, colors and type!

Essentials: The Black Pencil Skirt


I love the black pencil skirt! It’s one of the essentials that is so versatile. There are so many combinations with tops, shoes and accessories! The key to the pencil skirt is to find the perfect fit. Find one that is snug to the hips to show those curves, high enough at the waist to enhance the waist line, and the material should be comfortable. Cotton is my favorite, however there is polyester and pleather. Which personally I am not a fan of. It’s hard to sit with and the movement is odd for me. If you can’t find one that perfectly fits you off-the-rack, you can always get it altered.

I put some options you can pick to add with the essential. Peplum tops will really show that waist, and hides the hips. It balances out with the pencil skirt creating a slimming figure. Off the shoulder tops will give the perfect vixen look. Pair with some black Mary Jane pumps and you’re a rockabilly bombshell in no time.

Many of you might look at a black pencil skirt and think it’s only for formal occasions or the office. However, it can be just as casual as you want it to be. Adding a graphic top (tucked into the skirt) and a pair of cute sneakers will make you look like a casual modern-day pinup.

And as always, don’t forget the accessories. Add maybe a hair flower with your favorite curls or updo. Maybe a pair of cat eye shades for both casual and formal looks. Don’t forget that red lip and cat eye liner!

The black pencil skirt is a wardrobe essential. So get you butt out there and snuggle into one!