Surviving the Long-Haul Flight: Manila to Los Angeles and All the Way Around


Travelling is fun. Travelling is hell. At least getting there is. Early check-in, airport security, waiting, waiting and waiting. Arriving to the destination can be gruesome if you don’t have the pleasure of sitting in a seat with 15 feet of leg room, bottle service of champagne and goosefeathered pillows.

Here are my essentials on suriving sitting in a steel bird soaring across the Pacific Ocean for 14 hours.



Not the most stylish, but definietly the most comfortable. Leggings, an oversized shirt, a light layer (mines a knit) and easy slip-off flats which are important when going through airport security. No accessories please. Just a hat to hide the terrible airplane hair upon landing.

Carry On Light


Please do yourself a favor and buy a neck pillow and invest in a good eyemask. These two things let me sleep a good 8 hours on a pressurized cabin. This eyemask is from Beauty Bar and helps with your R.E.M. cycle. I love it so much! It just blocks out all the light and the soft foam matrial gives me the comfort of sleep. I keep my small essentials in a pounch rather than keeping my entire purse with me under the seat. This leaves me extra leg room!

What’s In the Pouch?


The items that are in easy reach are my pillbox, Advil, lip balm, a toothbrush, nasal spray, facial wash and deodorant. Everything to keep me nausua-free, moisturized, fresh and clean! I also bring a few basic makeup products such as an eyebrow pencil, lipstick and mascara, along with a good good facial moisturizure. It’s so important to keep skin hydrated on the plane. I also drink lots and lots of water.



I love reading. But, reading on a plane can be difficult with the turbulance, bright lights and cramped space, it’s not neccessarily a “curl up and read cozy” opportunity. Bringing along reading material is imortant, but I like to choose a book that is light and easy to read. Sure, you can go through the Game of Thrones series or a Jane Austen novel, but for me I try to steer from neccessary literary comprehension notes and small fonted books to avoid motion sickness and tired eyes.

Even though flying can be uncomfortable and leave your restless, I always look forward to the destination and daydream of the adventures to come. Happy flying!