The Pin-Up Girl Manila Project: Getting to know the women of modern day pinup and other bloggers!


What’s a better way to understand the pin-up community than from the pin-ups themselves!? I have been able to contact a few of my favorite girls for an online interview. I will be conducting write-ups on the women and men who are interested in all things mid-century. I’ll also be doing a few local bloggers!

This project is all about getting to know the faces behind the fashion, and those who love the vintage lifestyle. I’ll be tackling down issues such as body confidence, social judgement, and the importance of fashion. I’ll be posting twice a month so watch out for the upcoming features! If you are interested, or have any suggestions please feel free to contact me! I’m open to anyone who would like to join, pin-up or not.

Let’s do this!


How Women’s Magazines are just as Dirty as Men’s; my Vintage Nugget Magazine

We all know Playboy. Playboy fueled the everyday man’s fantasy, lifestyle and let’s say…inspiration. Their famous centerfolds from aspiring models, famous women and rising stars. To men’s tips on the perfect golf swig and the right color tie to bring out your masculinity.

Society views Playboy as sexualizing women. Opinions are made where men’s reading material is known to be dirty, vulgar and disrespectful. Even towards the women who choose to pose in those nudie spreads receive shame from the conservative. However, I see no difference with women’s magazines. Women’s magazines can be just as dirty, with countless ‘advice’ columns on how to reach an orgasm and those ‘confessions’ famous in Cosmopolitan, and even to the women gracing the covers in a sexual manner. But how come those women don’t receive shame, rather praise? Women sexualize men just as they do in Playboy. We spread men on our centerfolds with nothing but a pair of jeans or undies. (not complaining)

Women’s Health vs. FHM-is there a difference?

Denise Richards42-tile

Of course, Playboy isn’t the only magazine that carry this kind of content. There are countless titles from FHM, Maxim, Nuts, GQ, Esquire.…And for the women? Cosmopolitan, In Style, Glamour, Marie Claire, and even Women’s Health…more, I know there is more.  So, women are just as dirty as men making it a fair game. Today we see the progress in women’s magazines becoming equal to that of men’s. But it is not enough, there is still the stigma of being overtly sexual as a woman.  There is a misconception of today’s feminist that stand against these ‘dirty men’s magazines’, but they tend to forget that we too expose the men. So, why do we see them differently?

Before the epic 1953 launch of Playboy making sex mainstream, popular pornographic material was kept underground. Society liked to keep things secret. Owning such material was considered dirty, like a fetish of some sort. We also have to look at how mid-century women’s magazines were pre-women’s lib. Articles strictly stuck to keeping house, matching your drapes to the perfect foyer and the recipe to Susie’s favorite chocolate chip cookies. You won’t find Jenny, 23 from Makati with her confession of a quickie with Tom in the janitor’s closet. And that defines the difference as to why we view these sexual magazines as taboo.

Marilyn Monroe gracing the first issue of Playboy

Like I said Playboy wasn’t the only dirty magazine. My friend Adi got me something amazing for my birthday. He found a 1957 issue of Nugget Magazine at an antique store in Quezon City. A little frail around the edges and the seam, which I saved by enclosing in a plastic cover. The colors of the pages are still as vibrant as it would be when it was orignally published. Nugget was  one of those wannabe Playboys. It’s basically the poor man’s Playboy. Articles are bland, from fantasy stories about women, to how to cook a perfect steak. Their centerfolds aren’t exactly the top of the list either. Mostly unknowns, these women are much more vulgar (for a 1957 issue that is). The photography seems to be shot by an amateur, but nevertheless the women are beautiful. Illustrations full of cheeky jokes, and many many photos of women and their assets.



The equivilant to the women’s perfect meat loaf.
An article on Howard Hughes.
“Hi, Tommy…and Linda too? Now this is a surprise” (Original caption.)


Terrible humor in today’s standards.


Featured is Joy Harmon, best known for her infamous car wash scene from “Cool Hand Luke” (Starring Paul Newman). This scene launched the iconic sexiness of washing a car!


The centerfold’s came with no proper interviews, rather a commentary of the photoshoot. Specifying on a seduction and sexual advances between model and photographer.



For me, this is a special rare find. Nugget was unknown to me and it still is. I literally could not find anything online besides former covers on Google Images. There seems to be no website, or even a Wikipedia page. If anyone does find something please let me know I would love to learn more about this publication! Owning this magazine is one of the greatest gifts I have received. Being able to gaze through the dated articles and detailed editorials let’s me be in 1957 from a man’s perspective. It gives an authentic idea of how times have definitely changed.

Thank you Adi! 

Ballet Manila Goes to Hong Kong! Join the exclusive preview

11780403_10152905897457587_1710602011_n 11801960_10152905897502587_643915711_n

Almost every little girl was put into some kind of activity by their mother’s. Ballet, gymnastics, ice skating. Mine was ballet, yet despite most little girls who were forced to join such an activity hated it as they grew up, I ended up loving it. These two photos are from my first ever ballet recital and I was four years old. My mom had a thing for curls because she was so inspired by Shirley Temple. It wasn’t just ballet it was also tap. I did this until I was 14 (the age I moved to the Philippines). I was on pointe by that time for two years and my feet were at it’s breaking point. *pun intended*

Sadly, from the pain I could not bare (I have so much respect for those ballerinas who continue), and moving to a new country I had to stop my dancing career. If you can call it that.

But having to stop dancing doesn’t mean I can’t stop loving it. I am so lucky to be invited once again by Ballet Manila to their preview of “Flight”. This concert showcases the company’s entry to the Asia Grand Prix International Ballet Competition to be hosted in Hong Kong. Performances such as “Don Quixote”, “Sleeping Beauty” and “Swan Lake” will be performed.


“Two nights, two completely different programs.The back-to-back concert will showcase the best of Ballet Manila and highlight the skill and artistry of all the dancers-competitors. I am truly proud of the year’s competitors; keeping my fingers cross that we will do well this year.” says Liza Macjua-Elizalde, Artistic Director and CEO of Ballet Manila. (Check out my one-on-one with Philippine’s Prima ballerina!)

Having met many of Ballet Manila’s dancers, choreographers and crew I can surely say that we have a fighting chance at this years competition. They will make our country proud with their passion, hardwork and love of performance.

The concert is divided into two nights “Flight 1″ (July 31) and Fight 2” (August 1) both at 8PM. The venue is at Ballet Manila’s home theatre Star Theatre alongside CCP.


Buy your tickets now and bring your girlfriends, mother, grandmother, little sister/brother, or even drag along your boyfriend for a wonderful date night. I brought my boyfriend last time and he surprisingly enjoyed himeself. You just never know.

I’ll be at this Saturday’s performance with my best friend Sasja followed by dinner and drinks, so if you do decide to come  (which you will) say hi to me!



A Date Night with Dance

My date.

Alas, the night of Ballet Manila’s 20th Anniversary concert. The night couldn’t be more romantic. Filled with passion and creativity, the performances were absolutely amazing. I was beyond thrilled to see the hard work and journey the company has gone through.

*please excuse the quaity of the photos I only used my phone….




Thank you to Patricia Ramirez and Ms. Lisa Macuja for the invitation!

What I wore:

Dress from H&M’s Winter collection 2012

Coat from a bazzar (a lucky find)

and the shoes are the amazing black Aldo pumps.




Hair was pinned curled with a hard side part.

Makeup was Naked Pallet 3 for the eyes and the lips were Revlon’s Love that Red.


What are your favorite date night outfits?

Exclusive: Preview of Ballet Manila’s 20th Anniversary Part 2; a one-on-one with Ms. Lisa Macuja-Elizalde

Ms. Lisa Macuja with the dancers of Ballet Manila

Ms. Lisa Macuja has had an amazing on-going career living out her passion as a dynamic ballerina. She has become the Philippine’s first prima ballerina and the first foreign soloist to join Kirov Ballet (the Imperial Russian Ballet). It is easy to say that  she is an icon to Philippine culture and the arts.

My one-on-one with Ms. Lisa was a dream. I have always been a fan of the ballet. Being a ballerina myself, way back when, it was such an honor in having the opportunity to talk about her hopes for the future of ballet in the Philippines. Listening to her about not just celebrating the twenty years of devotion , but her ambitions to pass on the interest to future generations was truly inspiring.



She has traveled all across the world, performing and meeting many influential people. But, when I asked her what she is most proud of, her answer was simple. Ballet Manila.

Along with ballet master Osias Barroso, the concept of Ms. Lisa for Ballet Manila began in 1995 with just twelve dancers. Focusing on the rigid Russian method of classical ballet. Today, the company has expanded to now 50 professional dancers, performing in international tours more than 140 times, and recently becoming international; bringing in guest coreographers from around the world. I can see why Ms. Lisa would be so proud of her creation.

As for the future, Ms. Lisa states that she hopes to keep expanding Ballet Manila by looking for dancers not just around the metro but from all across the country. She intends to open more branches of the Lisa Macuja ballet school, and to continue advocating the art towards the next generation. Keeping the passion high and alive. Ms. Lisa agrees with me that with social media younger generations can discover the excellence of ballet, but there is nothing better then discovering through a live performance. That is why Ballet Manila has partnered with Star City, upong purchasing an admission ticket, giving a free pass to Aliw Theatre for children to see live performances. With partnerships like this and much more opportunities to tackle Ballet Manila has many more years of accommplishments.


BM 2.0 will showcase the vision of Ms. Lisa with performances such as “Paquita“, one of Ballet Manila’s staple in shows during the early years. “Ecole” a choreography of co-artistic director Osias Barroso, which has become a rite of passage for Ballet Manila dancers. Bloom” with special guest coreographer Annabelle Lopez ochoa, and “Tara Let’s” a clash of modern music with classical ballet. The concert will take you through the jorney of twenty years of hardwork, dedication and passion for the art of ballet. There is nothing better than celebrating one of the Philippine’s proudest achievements with one of Philippine’s icons.

So come out to the gala event! This Feburary 28 at 7.30pm to celebrate twenty proud years. (Matinee show on March 1, 3pm) Contact Ticket World at 891.9999 or visit for more information. 

Exclusive: Preview of Ballet Manila’s 20th Anniversary Concert Part 1

I was recently invited to a preview of Ballet Manila’s  20th anniversary concert. Alllowing me the opportunity to have a sneak peak on the upcoming event as well as talks with the dancers, coreographers and Philippine’s own prima ballerina Ms. Lisa Macuja-Elizalde.


Dedicated. Passionate. Disciplined. Creative.

These are the words that came to my mind after speaking with the dancers, choreographers,and Ms. Lisa Macuja-Elzialde. BM 2.0 will celebrate the 20th anniversary of prima ballerina Ms. Lisa Macuja-Elzialde’s pride and joy, Ballet Manila. The concert will showcase the 20 years of the burning passion of ballet dancers all across the Philippines.

Built from the ground up, the company started with just 12 dancers  back in 1995 and with limited resources of studio space. The company has greatly evolved to now 50 professional dancers, three rehersal studios along with a music library and Ballet Manila’s own facilities.

While speakig to the dancers, my first question: how do you stay so fit? The answer: 6 days a week of rigirous rehersals, 5 minute breaks and quick meals. Which eventually burn off again through rehersals. These dancers were the most dedicated people I have ever talked to. Many of them started as early as 4 years old and coming from families of dancers. These young dynamic performers take ballet as a lifestyle. Even after physical and mental exhaustion, their passion reaps through and fuels them to express their creativity through the form of dance.

Two of Ballet Manila’s dancers

Multi-awarded coreographer Annabelle Lope Ochoa, from Belgium, was a guest coreographer for the 20th anniversary. Her number, “Bloom”, was one of my favorite previews. It will make it’s premiere at the concert this Feburary 28.  She was such a lovely person to talk to. I got to know her story as a ballerina herself, to now a coreographer. Annabelle is one of many international coreographers Ballet Manila now invites for performances. Making Ballet Manila, international!

“Bloom” choreographed by Annabelle Lopez Ochoa
“Bloom” which makes its premier this Feburary 28 at Aliw Theatre



With Ms. Annabelle Lopez Ochoa

Here I am rambling on about the company, when most of you are a little indifferent to the idea of ballet. The new generation still has a lot to understand when it comes to one of the most traditional art forms of dance. Our generation is blinded by the latest trends, reality television, and celebrity gossip. The 20th anniversary marks the time to reach out to the new generations and get them to appreciate the dynamic form of classical ballet.  One of the number’s titled “Tara Let’s” actually combines the latest OPM music to classical coreography. It’s a great way for the next generation to understand and have an interest in ballet. A tie-up with Star City, those who purchase a ticket allows them to view performances free of charge. Children and parents can walk through to Aliw Theatre and experience the gliterring costumes, graceful movements, and fascinating dances. 

I invite you to see the spectacular yourself. Even if you have never seen a ballet, or even been a fan of. This concert will let you experience a feeling of passion, art and pride.

Date of Performances: 

Febuary 28 at 7.30pm (Gala night)

March 1 at 3pm 


Aliw Theatre, CCP Complex, Pasay City

For more details contact Ticket World at 891.9999 or visit their website at

Keep it posted for part 2 with my one-on-one with prima ballerina Ms. Lisa Macuja-Elizalde.