Apartment 8 Clothing Pin-Up Style


The local brand Apartment 8 Clothing has been known to carry a lot of clean-cut and structured pieces. i dropped by their store over at Alabang Town Center and was immediately impressed by their array of colors.  I loved how they carried several designs of circle skirts. Their look is a bit modern and edgy, but being pin-up taking a circle skirt with the right color and accessories I now have a perfect outfit. Seriously loving their items and will definitely be heading back for more!

This off-shoulder top reminds me Rita Hayworth, or Dorthy Dandridge in Carmen.


LOVE the teal! One of my favorite retro colors. I'm super happy that they have this color.
LOVE the teal! One of my favorite retro colors. I’m super happy that they have this color.


Length of the skirt is just right.
Length of the skirt is just right. Shoes by Aldo.
Lips: Kate Moss for Rimmel in Rossetto.
Lips: Kate Moss for Rimmel in Rossetto.


Head Scarf from Rockin' Betty
Head Scarf from Rockin’ Betty


The Pin-Up Girl Manila Project: Getting to know the women of modern day pinup and other bloggers!


What’s a better way to understand the pin-up community than from the pin-ups themselves!? I have been able to contact a few of my favorite girls for an online interview. I will be conducting write-ups on the women and men who are interested in all things mid-century. I’ll also be doing a few local bloggers!

This project is all about getting to know the faces behind the fashion, and those who love the vintage lifestyle. I’ll be tackling down issues such as body confidence, social judgement, and the importance of fashion. I’ll be posting twice a month so watch out for the upcoming features! If you are interested, or have any suggestions please feel free to contact me! I’m open to anyone who would like to join, pin-up or not.

Let’s do this!





















Today’s adventure took me to Tagaytay! Perfect chilly weather for my favorite pink varsity jacket, which I bought from Forever 21 (Php 2,380). The dress is also from Forever 21 (Php 1,450). Yes, expect lots of my items to be from the holy land that is Forever 21!

Keeping up with the classic stripe pattern (from yesterday’s post), I decided for today i edge it up a bit adding a rockabilly flavor. For those who aren’t sure what rockabilly is, it’s a culture that is part of the vintage trend that consists of styles, music, and lifestyle grabbing from the 1950’s rock n’ roll scene, a little bit of punk, and the classic pin-up mold. Think greasers and tough chicks! (Look out for a feature post on rockabilly)

So, to toughen the look up just a little I wore one of my favorite matte lip colors Transylvania by NYX (Php 300). I matched it with a good pair of cat eye shades, and black flats. I also like how this dress has thicker stripes which flatter the waist!

After a good lunch and some exploring, my friend and I headed to the zoo! We awed at the beautiful animals like the different snakes, birds, and monkeys. Before heading home we stopped over for tea and hot chocolate at one of our favorite cafes, Java Jazz. This place holds amazing local paintings, yummy affordable food and the coziest ambiance. They’re located just a long the highway going towards People’s park. You can check them out at Javajazz.blogspot.com

So keep it classy, but add a little rough to your look! Experiment with dark shades, “punk” prints and as always ACCESSORIES! But REMEMBER keep it balanced for a perfect pin-up look.