The Pin-Up Girl Manila Project: Getting to know the women of modern day pinup and other bloggers!


What’s a better way to understand the pin-up community than from the pin-ups themselves!? I have been able to contact a few of my favorite girls for an online interview. I will be conducting write-ups on the women and men who are interested in all things mid-century. I’ll also be doing a few local bloggers!

This project is all about getting to know the faces behind the fashion, and those who love the vintage lifestyle. I’ll be tackling down issues such as body confidence, social judgement, and the importance of fashion. I’ll be posting twice a month so watch out for the upcoming features! If you are interested, or have any suggestions please feel free to contact me! I’m open to anyone who would like to join, pin-up or not.

Let’s do this!


Inspirations: Alberto Vargas


Alberto Vargas is considered the best pinup painter. Peruvian born and son of a photographer, he studied art in Europe and soon after migrated to the U.S. in 1916.

He started work for movie studios, and after World War II he became known as the creator of the era of pin-ups. Much of his work was favored by magazines such as Playboy and Esquire.



Vargas’ illustrations and paintings are classically done. Soft brush strokes,beautiful women and the iconic tease poses. Vargas is a true inspiration. He set the foundation of the pin-up culture. Defining the movement for sexual expression during a progressive era.





I admire his passion and respect of the female as his consistent muse. Vargas will always be an inspiration to me because he gave us the image of the pinup girl.