The 50’s Live On–50’s Diner in Baguio




Old fashion or the latest thing? Burger joints are still well and alive. Creamy milkshakes and juicy burgers, all you need now is the whole gang on a Friday night.

Taken at the 50’s Diner in Baguio City.





Vintage Videos: 1944 College Girl Fashion

It’s been about 3 1/2 years since I graduated from college. This video makes me wish I dressed just as classy as these girls.

Totally reminds me of “Mona Lisa Smile”.

Inspiration: Priscilla Presley


Lady Presley as I know her. She is the wife of the late great King Elvis Presley. I won’t go into any details on how, when, where and every detail of her life . (You can watch her very very interesting history with Elvis and her special life here.) I just want to focus on her unique beauty and style. With all the research I’ve done about her, Elvis had a HUGE say in her fashion. I like to think of it as him helping her grow into the fashionable Priscilla she is today.

Priscilla before Elvis’ fashionable guidance

Lana del Rey is the biggest modern day Priscilla (FASHION WISE!) From her hair, makeup, the lips and that lifted nose. Even some of Priscilla’s photos have been imitated by Lana.


I love her baby doll face. Now, she isn’t necessarily ‘pin-up’ fashion so to speak. But, what I love about her style is it was the definition of the early 1960s and 70’s. Her make-up is my ultimate inspiration, and today I try to do her lethal cut-crease and winged eyeliner.  All rock n’ roll and glamour. Here are some of my favorite Priscilla looks and see how her style transforms :

Fresh into Elvis’ life
The wedding dress she wore twice. Once for their ceremony in Vegas, and another back in Graceland.
Honeymoon Send-off. This is my ultimate favorite look. Elvis is a good accessory too.
Hawaii times–Lots of floral prints and head pieces.
To look this good just four days after giving birth–Priscilla Presley everyone.
Transitioning into the 70’s



Priscilla still on point at age 70.


What is your favorite Priscilla look?

xx Kelsey

Kat Von D ‘Shade + Light’ Eye Contour Pallet Review and Looks!




Kat Von D forever!!! I’ve been a huge fan of her’s since those Miami Ink days…

She is one of my idols in creativity, style and ambition. Seriously LOVE her. So, when she came out with her now famous make-up line through Sephora I died. Then, learning that her products would be cruelty free it couldn’t get any better.

I finally got my hands on the eye contour pallet. As some of you know, I have a huge eye for eye contouring. Pun intended. Her pallet consists of three quads: neutral, cool, and warm. As much as I love the Urban Decay Naked pallets….this beats it by light years.  The galaxy should only carry this product. It’s absolutely pigmented, carries all the necessary neutral colors, and it’s all matte. Also, the packaging couldn’t resemble Kat any better.



Let’s be real, you end up buying an eye shadow pallet because when you see it all together you think “OOOOOHHH PRETTY COLORS.” But, what the heck, you end up only using the browns, whites and uhm…maybe the blue? We all know you will rarely dip your brush into that neon Easter pink everyday. (HEY! I praise you if you do that!)

I tried all the quads…as a quad. And I only did one technique for each quad to easily compare.


The Warm Quad: 



The Neutral Quad: 




The Cool Quad: 




All three looks consisted of MAC Pro Long Wear Foundation, Tony Moly eyebrow pencil, and Chanel Compact Radiance Compact Powder. Photos taken with Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Final Thoughts:

The Warm Quad– It deserves to be worn everyday. I would do this look for work, or for something that requires you to wear the color white and cover your tattoos. I love it for being super subtle.  Lipstick is Persistence by MAC.

The Neutral Quad– This quad is what I would definitely use when creating the pinup look. The white and the dark browns are exactly what I need in creating a deep crease in my eyes. Lipstick is Russian Red by MAC. 

The Cool Quad– Use use use for a night out! It’s dark, its smoldering, and its screams “you bitch”. I want this for gigs, a drunk night out or just to bring a little darkness on a sunny day. Lipstick is Copenhagen by NYX.  



Which look do you like the best?







The Skater Skirt, Pin-Up Style


The skater skirt has been a trend lately and most girls have them in their wardrobe in a number of colors. Red, blue, black…as it’s a basic comfy skirt it can sometimes be plain and sporty. 

Here are some ways on making the skater skirt into a pin-up look. 


Usually a tee or tank looks good with a skater skirt. But to make it a little pin-up I usually go for halter tops, sailor stripes or off-sholder looks. 


For a cute look I like cardigans. Usually in bright pastel colors. Or if you want something edgy and going for a rockabilly look a fitted Jean jacket is great too. 



SHOES. Ballet flats are the obvious choice for casual looks, but black and white Converse or the Saddle Shoes will make the look vintage preppy. Lace wedges or a Mary Jane pump will give the vixen pin-up look, yet still keeping it comfortable. 


You can’t forget about hair and makeup. This is what will bring the look together. Winged eyeliner, red lipstick, curls in the hair and maybe a flower or a bandana. A pair of cateye sunglasses and you are good to go! 

Easy pin-up style with a basic fun trend that you can easily do! 

Twenty Things to Know About Me


1. I got the love for all things vintage from when my parents bought the 20th anniversary VHS and the soundtrack of Grease. I watched  it everyday when I was in the first grade. 

2. In high school I would always watch classic movies,even if it wasn’t a cool thing. My favorites were ‘Rebel Without a Cause’, ‘Gone With the Wind’, and ‘Giant’. 
3. I’ve loved Elvis since I was 16. 
4. As I grew older my curves began to form, so I discovered my love for the vintage style taught  me to love my curves. It made me feel good that the 40’s and 50’s fashion embraced curves. 
5. I had never dyed my hair until I was 22. (I’ll be 24 this year)
6. I’m 5’6. Which in the Philippines is consider tall. 
7. I finished half of high school and college in the Philippines, but I hail from L. A. 
8. I have a degree in International Studies (ask me on current events!)
9. Since I was 9 years old I have wanted to pursue a career in journalism or production (which I’m currently looking forward to)
10. My all time favorite food in the entire world is pizza. Pizza will never leave me. 
11. I worked part-time as a makeup artist throughout college.
12. I play the piano and the guitar. I used to play the violin as well.
13. I love history. I own several books on all things history and watch documentaries constantly! 
14. I love yoga. I try to practice at least twice a week and mediate everyday. 
15. I’m a huge bookworm. My favorite reads are The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald (a bit disappointed with the movie by the way) and Bossy Pants by Tina Fey, among others. 
16. I love traveling and so far my favorite places have been Paris, Switzerland, Australia and South Korea. My future trips include Brazil, Jamaica and Hawaii. 
17. My parents are the ones that encouraged me to pursue this blog. (Thanks mom and dad!)
18. I’ve always been fascinated with body modification. I would research and watch documentaries back in high school. 
19. Hence, I love tattoos. I have several, which might be feature time to time. 
20. I recently took up the hobby of cross stitch. (Thanks Trisha!) 
What are twenty things I should know about you? 

Think Pink!






I was invited to a family reunion, so dressing right can be difficult. This circle skirt with a satin finish was a perfect find. From SM department store for just Php 500! For a little classic touch I paired it with a basic white polo, from Mango for Php 1,200. Adding a waist belt puts the look all together.

I was aiming for a 1960s housewife look. But with the satin finish, and toned down hair (no big beehives today!) gives it a classic modern “tone-down”.

Tropical Wonder




Super simple look and super affordable! The cardigan is from Cotton On for around Php 800. The top and skirt were from a Target Outlet (from my trip to Australia back in March). Both for just $14AU (around Php 500)!
Tropical prints are great for that pin-up look. Bringing it back to the 1960s’ beach vibes. Think Elvis and all his movies like Blue Hawaii!

Keep it subtle by balancing with solid colors. Pick pretty and clean prints, and try to avoid confusing prints. (Random fishes with fish hooks?)

The structure of this skirt is tight fitting and shows my curves which pin-up is all about! My top has a sweet heart neck line, and by adding a thick waist belt makes all the more curves!

The Little Blue Dress




I decided not to add any accessories and no red lip for this look. Almost against the pinup style; the dress is structured well enough to make it look cute and casual. For my hair a simple side pin and a little fluff to my Bettie bangs.
This dress reminded me of Alice in Wonderland! The simplicity of the dress allows me to accessorize in anyway. Headbands, flowers, belts, sweaters, this list goes on!
Always look for dresses with great color that you can accessories with, but also wear alone and still look jut as amazing.