Vintage Videos: Keeping Well Dressed

We just don’t do it anymore. Keeping neat, taking care of our clothes expensive or inexpensive, and overall taking the time to appreciate the work in our wardrobe.

Oh, the days.

The Skater Skirt, Pin-Up Style


The skater skirt has been a trend lately and most girls have them in their wardrobe in a number of colors. Red, blue, black…as it’s a basic comfy skirt it can sometimes be plain and sporty. 

Here are some ways on making the skater skirt into a pin-up look. 


Usually a tee or tank looks good with a skater skirt. But to make it a little pin-up I usually go for halter tops, sailor stripes or off-sholder looks. 


For a cute look I like cardigans. Usually in bright pastel colors. Or if you want something edgy and going for a rockabilly look a fitted Jean jacket is great too. 



SHOES. Ballet flats are the obvious choice for casual looks, but black and white Converse or the Saddle Shoes will make the look vintage preppy. Lace wedges or a Mary Jane pump will give the vixen pin-up look, yet still keeping it comfortable. 


You can’t forget about hair and makeup. This is what will bring the look together. Winged eyeliner, red lipstick, curls in the hair and maybe a flower or a bandana. A pair of cateye sunglasses and you are good to go! 

Easy pin-up style with a basic fun trend that you can easily do!