Twenty Things to Know About Me


1. I got the love for all things vintage from when my parents bought the 20th anniversary VHS and the soundtrack of Grease. I watched  it everyday when I was in the first grade. 

2. In high school I would always watch classic movies,even if it wasn’t a cool thing. My favorites were ‘Rebel Without a Cause’, ‘Gone With the Wind’, and ‘Giant’. 
3. I’ve loved Elvis since I was 16. 
4. As I grew older my curves began to form, so I discovered my love for the vintage style taught  me to love my curves. It made me feel good that the 40’s and 50’s fashion embraced curves. 
5. I had never dyed my hair until I was 22. (I’ll be 24 this year)
6. I’m 5’6. Which in the Philippines is consider tall. 
7. I finished half of high school and college in the Philippines, but I hail from L. A. 
8. I have a degree in International Studies (ask me on current events!)
9. Since I was 9 years old I have wanted to pursue a career in journalism or production (which I’m currently looking forward to)
10. My all time favorite food in the entire world is pizza. Pizza will never leave me. 
11. I worked part-time as a makeup artist throughout college.
12. I play the piano and the guitar. I used to play the violin as well.
13. I love history. I own several books on all things history and watch documentaries constantly! 
14. I love yoga. I try to practice at least twice a week and mediate everyday. 
15. I’m a huge bookworm. My favorite reads are The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald (a bit disappointed with the movie by the way) and Bossy Pants by Tina Fey, among others. 
16. I love traveling and so far my favorite places have been Paris, Switzerland, Australia and South Korea. My future trips include Brazil, Jamaica and Hawaii. 
17. My parents are the ones that encouraged me to pursue this blog. (Thanks mom and dad!)
18. I’ve always been fascinated with body modification. I would research and watch documentaries back in high school. 
19. Hence, I love tattoos. I have several, which might be feature time to time. 
20. I recently took up the hobby of cross stitch. (Thanks Trisha!) 
What are twenty things I should know about you? 

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