Watch This: Gilda (1946) Starring Rita Hayworth


I have been obsessing over this movie for a month now. It’s on constant replay. Rita Hayworth is amazing and so stunning in this film. She is the definition of femme fatale, or a scheming bitch in today’s terms. “Gilda” is all about, well Gilda.


She brings life, chaos, seduction, and the needed drama to the plot. Her love/hate relationship with her ex-lover Johnny will give you those feelings of passion and intrigue. But, she has a new husband who is much older….and very rich (yes Gilda is a gold digger) who happens to be Johnny’s boss who owns an illegal cassino. Need anymore drama?


Well while all this is going on, Gilda seeks revenge and does everything possible that any broken hearted crazy ex-girlfriend would do.

Gilda knows she’s beautiful, charming, and manipulative and she definietly takes advantage. You will love this movie if you love characters who despise one another, yet somehow find the path that leads to their love.


Now, let’s talk about Rita’s wardrobe. Each scene, each piece, each ensemble was GLAMOROUS. Since Gilda is presented as a seductress her outfits consists of fabrics like silk and fur. The structure is tight fitting showing her curves.

Annex - Hayworth, Rita (Gilda)_NRFPT_07

Materials such as silk bring the old Hollywood glamour.
Materials such as silk bring the old Hollywood glamour.
From the famous scene of her cabret number, this gown is the trademark of Gilda.
From the famous scene of her cabret number, this gown is the trademark of Gilda.

Rita Hayworth was best known for her hair. The fluffy, flirtatious ‘S’ wave that she flaunts. Rita Hayworth’s hair was actually one of the old Hollywood actresses that would model for the iconic Jessica Rabbit. It is very 1940s and genuinely captivating.


Annex - Hayworth, Rita (Gilda)_07C

Watch the trailer below and an added scene from her bona fide enterance.

Vintage Makeup Advertisments vs. Today’s 

I worked in advertising for a few months, fresh out of college. Inexperienced, but eager to learn. And oh did I learn…

It’s no longer a glamorous sector of the business world. It’s hard driven with competition, profit,  fast paced deadlines and demands. Yes, these were still the factors of the time during the golden age of advertising (calling Don Drapper and all PamAm flight attendants). Yet, there seems to lack a sense of innovation.

Now with  social media, digital outputs and clever promotional tie-ups , modern day advertising has taken it to the next level. Demand for the creative juices are now forcibly squeezed out of the agencies.

But, what am I to say for I’ve only worked in the field for less than one year.  I’m here to talk about cosmetics and their advertisments.

When you think vintage advertising you visualize illustrated home mommies, smiling milk men, lots of cluttered text and big bright fonts of “buy now” or “it’s the best”. That until which in 1959 the agency DDB released the incredible “Think Small” campaign for Volkswagon. Altering advertising to what it is today.

Make up is not hard to sell   It’s the brand. With so many identical products brands fight to get the consumer to gleam over the packaging, the contrasted hues, and to awe  over the ideal woman with the use of their brand.  In both yesterday’s and today’s makeup advertisments it is till the same motive. However, the approach is very different.

The early vintage ads (1940s) were keen on setting an example on how the product can be applied to their lifestyle. Shaping the idea that makeup is part of a woman’s life.  (Feminist ideals in play right about now). Ads for brands such as Max Factor and Revlon would present how lipstick can keep you glamorous for the man of your dreams, or while packing his lunch. Again, let’s be thankful we live in a progressive society. The ads would also provide visuallization of what shade would suit you, the ways you can use the product and of course the sell point of the product. It also gave a gleam of happiness for the women. Living through the war, having a bit of glamour helped keep a light of happiness during such a dark time.


Today’s ads are highly minimal. It literally is product centric. Look at Clinic amd Georgio Armani’s campaigns compared to those vintage ones.

Huge difference?  Because makeup has become a woman’s “essential” advertisers assume that there no longer needs to be a guide for the product. Simple text of the highlight  of the product, and the strong brand name together SELLS.

Don’t think that vintage ads never had celebrity endorsers. Hollywood took big advantage of that. When Hollywood starlets such a Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe were promoting for their newest picture they would be featured in a brands ad. Selling the everyday woman the same lipstick Marilyn wore in the movies or from her own personal “line”.


No difference today. We still see celebrity endorsed products. From Emma Stone for Revlon, Lorde for MAC and Rihanna’s Viv La Glam campaign for MAC. Yet, of course visually it’s minimal, clean, and more focused on the celebrity.


Both eras of advertising though have a similar angle. Towards the end of the 1950s brands such as Revlon began going on a high fashion stance. Post-war America was now gripping the glory and through the fashion it definitely showed. When they began to produce these ads makeup began to seem like an investment. The ads perceived a fantasy of glamour, richness, beauty and elegance. The life women of the post-war yearn for.


Today, the high fashion angle is played through creativity. MAC’s advertisements always used the products to show the capabilities. Mixing  of the colors applied in artsy ways. Glittered eye shadow on the cheeks with a pink falsies and heavy blue cat eyes. Looks that the normal girl would probably never try, but the fact that they show the possibilities of their products is what makes them sell.



Overall, I love to see the progress of advertising. And this is one way of observing how far we’ve come in marketing and creativity. I personally prefer the vintage ads because they give emotion. Which is hard to execute in today’s ads, especially for cosmetics. Even though filled with content, it gave us a moment to look into the ad. Actually read it and understand. But, because we now have no time for anything, advertisements have been minimal and somewhat watered down. Which ads to you prefer?







It’s Never Easy to Say Goodbye; a despedida.


In my life, I am at the akward stage of becoming a true young adult. Like any twenty-something it’s a confusing time to be seeing my Facebook newsfeed filled with photos of newborn babies AND VIP parties at the trending nightclubs.

One of my best friends Trish, who some of you may know from previous posts, is finally leaving to a journey on her own. She has decided to begin her “life” in Japan, the place where she was born. Like me, we were both raised in different worlds, but we came together in one world that bonded us quickly. That world was called high school. She has become one of my closest friends for almost ten years and I hate to see her go. But, I know it’s time for us to begin our own lives. It’s the time to pursue all of our ambitions, our dreams and establish ourselves to become who we really are.

So, Trish I will miss you terribly.

A few of us had a despedia for her and we went to several places. Two bars being Oarhouse and Bar1951, both located in Malate. We then stopped over at a hole-in-the-wall ramen house, which is located near the Coffee Bean on Adriatico St. (It didn’t have a name. It’s that secret, however it’s very visible. You will see many eating out on the tables placed on the sidewalk). Both bars are great for the steady drinkers who are looking for a good ambiance. Low-key and under the radar these bars a great for just enjoying a few drinks with friends. Something that was much needed to say goodbye.


Top: Supre Australia

Skirt: Forever 21

Cardigan: Cotton On

The basic of a black pencil skirt comes in handy at any event. Being an essentiall it makes it so easy to pair with different tops. (See here for my lists of essentials for pinup style. ) A peplum top with a retro print, like the houndstooth, gives the ultimate hourglass figure. Hiding any unwanted bulges specifically around the hip area, peplum tops are great for narrowing the waist and giving the silhouette of sexy.



My hair was a bit inspired by the Rita Hayworth. I used a wet-set with foam rollers. Super simple and these curls will last for days!



Then there was this. The Taylor Swift handbag pose. We found it a bit strange that she holds her bags by the forearm (facing upward). We found it a bit uncomfortable, but we gave it a try. (I am not a fan of her’s by the way.)



Yeah, our bags carried our life in it. Therefore almost breaking off our forearms.

I'm a mess. Eyeliner everywhere from the tears. But, still smiling for the future!
I’m a mess. Eyeliner everywhere from the tears. But, still smiling for the future!

Love you Trish!