How to be Pin-Up at the Office and Cover Your Tattoos

I began a new job this week, and it wasn’t like my former job where the dress code was casual. I had to now shift into a corporate-chic look. But, I still want to be pin-up!!! (whines.)

So, here are my alternatives to keeping it corporate, yet pin-up all at the same time.

I have several tattoos which are all mostly visible. I work as a sales representative for a high-end company, so when meeting with certain clients tattoos can be a no-no. Ways I cover up my tattoos are easy. Opting for long sleeve polos and dresses, and going to leggings and dark jeans help cover both my arm and leg tattoos. Keeping it pin-up can be hard, since corporate attire basically screams uniform in a pant-suit. So I like keeping the prints like polka-dots or the sailor top. And structures like the black pencil skirt and pumps. I also love how having basic pieces lets me mix and match. And I never forget my red lipstick!

It’s Never Easy to Say Goodbye; a despedida.


In my life, I am at the akward stage of becoming a true young adult. Like any twenty-something it’s a confusing time to be seeing my Facebook newsfeed filled with photos of newborn babies AND VIP parties at the trending nightclubs.

One of my best friends Trish, who some of you may know from previous posts, is finally leaving to a journey on her own. She has decided to begin her “life” in Japan, the place where she was born. Like me, we were both raised in different worlds, but we came together in one world that bonded us quickly. That world was called high school. She has become one of my closest friends for almost ten years and I hate to see her go. But, I know it’s time for us to begin our own lives. It’s the time to pursue all of our ambitions, our dreams and establish ourselves to become who we really are.

So, Trish I will miss you terribly.

A few of us had a despedia for her and we went to several places. Two bars being Oarhouse and Bar1951, both located in Malate. We then stopped over at a hole-in-the-wall ramen house, which is located near the Coffee Bean on Adriatico St. (It didn’t have a name. It’s that secret, however it’s very visible. You will see many eating out on the tables placed on the sidewalk). Both bars are great for the steady drinkers who are looking for a good ambiance. Low-key and under the radar these bars a great for just enjoying a few drinks with friends. Something that was much needed to say goodbye.


Top: Supre Australia

Skirt: Forever 21

Cardigan: Cotton On

The basic of a black pencil skirt comes in handy at any event. Being an essentiall it makes it so easy to pair with different tops. (See here for my lists of essentials for pinup style. ) A peplum top with a retro print, like the houndstooth, gives the ultimate hourglass figure. Hiding any unwanted bulges specifically around the hip area, peplum tops are great for narrowing the waist and giving the silhouette of sexy.



My hair was a bit inspired by the Rita Hayworth. I used a wet-set with foam rollers. Super simple and these curls will last for days!



Then there was this. The Taylor Swift handbag pose. We found it a bit strange that she holds her bags by the forearm (facing upward). We found it a bit uncomfortable, but we gave it a try. (I am not a fan of her’s by the way.)



Yeah, our bags carried our life in it. Therefore almost breaking off our forearms.

I'm a mess. Eyeliner everywhere from the tears. But, still smiling for the future!
I’m a mess. Eyeliner everywhere from the tears. But, still smiling for the future!

Love you Trish!