A Happy Birthday and a Poetee Launch

#poetees  and the birthday man Apags
#poetees and the birthday man Apags

Last nights celebration went to Apags at Route 196! Not only was it his birthday, but his new tshirt launch. Poetees is a line that features local poets and their works. It’s a great take on fashion and art. The night was a lot of fun, with many bands that performed just for Apags. (spoiled much? hehehe) Bands such as Tanya Markova and Mayonaise. I brought along my friend Trish, who many of you may know now as the pusblished poet. It was a great event being able to meet many new people and have a few beers. Happy Birthday Apags!


The look for the night was a r
ockabilly look. Victory rolls in play! (Sadly, humidity took over and I had to take them out before leaving the house. ugh.)

Top: Uniqlo (Php 750)

Skirt: Westfield (Australia) (Php 1,200)










Feed Me Fiction

One of my best friends has recently been published in a new collection of poetry and short stories. She is one of many well-established Filipino writers. I am so proud of her! Ever since high school, we were the bookworms. We even took the English elective together! So seeing how far she’s come at such a young age makes me so teary eyed.

I attended the book launch at PowerBooks Greenbelt 4. Many of the writers were in attendance as well as the two editors Noelle De Jesus and Mookie Katigbak-Lacuesta. The book is titled ‘Fast Food Fiction Delivery’ which you can grab a copy at your nearest major bookstore (Php 220)

My outfit for the day was just a simple black on black with a teal peplum skirt. Bettie-bangs were styles today and a casual winged liner.

Go go and order that fast food fiction!

Fast Food Fiction Deivery (Php 220)
Fast Food Fiction Deivery (Php 220)
Trish Shishikura.
Trish Shishikura.


With the editors Mookie Katigbak-Lacuesta and Noelle Q. De Jesus
With the editors Mookie Katigbak-Lacuesta and Noelle Q. De Jesus


Getting mine autographed!
Getting mine autographed!