A Happy Birthday and a Poetee Launch

#poetees  and the birthday man Apags
#poetees and the birthday man Apags

Last nights celebration went to Apags at Route 196! Not only was it his birthday, but his new tshirt launch. Poetees is a line that features local poets and their works. It’s a great take on fashion and art. The night was a lot of fun, with many bands that performed just for Apags. (spoiled much? hehehe) Bands such as Tanya Markova and Mayonaise. I brought along my friend Trish, who many of you may know now as the pusblished poet. It was a great event being able to meet many new people and have a few beers. Happy Birthday Apags!


The look for the night was a r
ockabilly look. Victory rolls in play! (Sadly, humidity took over and I had to take them out before leaving the house. ugh.)

Top: Uniqlo (Php 750)

Skirt: Westfield (Australia) (Php 1,200)










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