Bouncing Nets and a Little Black Dress

The fashion Gods gave the commandment that every girl must own a little black dress. 

I’ve found mine and I have treasured it since 2012.  I bought it in Rome because I felt I needed an LBD in the city where Audrey Hepburn ran away with Gregory Peck. (However, I know the LBD belongs to Breakfast at Tiffanys). The Gods were right, as this dress has become my savior. IT belongs in any occasion. I’ve worn it to birthdays, meetings, events, even just a casual day out. 

Accessorizing is so easy with it and it’s so comfortable. Any girl with any style needs one. 

I added a cute flower for the pinup touch and did my hair in a wet set for those vintage curls. 


It was my friends birthday filled with lots of alcoholic beverages. The night ended spontaneously on a trapeze net. Yes, the acrobatic art form of swinging yourself on bars. We didn’t actually perform ourselves but drinking beers on a net in the middle of the city was pretty great to me. 

Happy Birthday Chesca!





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